April 10 Market News | 2014 Indoor Season

Sprouts | Lets Make a Cheese | 3:00-5:00

Did you know that in the 17th-century that phrase could refer to either a children’s game or a food preparation activity?! This month at Sprouts, we’ll be doing both! Children will help make real cheese and discover the wonders of “petticoat cheeses.”

Drop in from 3:00 to 5:00 at the Discovery Center (Best for children ages 3-5.)

Suggested Donation of $2/child

Community Hosts | Soule Homestead 2:30-6:30

Come learn about the Soule Homestead’s upcoming farm-based events for you and your family

Signs of Spring’ April Vacation Farm-Based Nature Program (Ages 5 – 10) | Tuesday, April 22nd – Friday, April 25th

Located on 120-acres of pristine farm land, children in the program will look for clues in the environment that signal the arrival of spring. Besides exploring the grounds, children can try their hand at organic farming, create nature inspired arts and crafts, and exercise their mind and body with interactive games. Each day has a specific theme, starting on Tuesday with Earth Day, Spring Peepers (Wednesday), Wild Night Animals (Thursday) and ending with Sheep to Sweater (Friday).

Sheep Day / Earth Day  | Saturday, May 3rd, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

All day family fun!  Sheep shearing and wool demonstrations: washing and carding fleece, weaving, spinning and felting; children’s activities and recycle crafts; and sheepdog demonstrations.

Music | Angry Pete | 2:30-6:30


Harvest and Cooks Notes

  • Rein’s Real Rye

    I recently experimented with much longer fermentation of my rye dough – one whole week instead of 18-24 hours. The basic rye flavor is much more intense but overpowers the additions which define all the varieties (seeds, grains, spices, herbs, fruit, etc.) so for now I’ll stick to what has worked so well for 4 years. When it comes to taste I prefer a sophisticated balance between the various flavor components.

    I’m also still experimenting with Ciabatta technique. Gentle handling and longer proofing results in a product which achieves much more oven spring but at a slight compromise in chewiness – something I’m really aiming at. Recently I’ve been punching down the dough slightly before scaling to achieve a more chewy texture and denser crumb despite the fact that the goal for most bakers of this product is huge interior cavities. The cavities can only be achieved by taking great care not to de-gas the dough before baking. Those of you who know me well know I’m all about texture first. I really like something I can get my teeth into and big interior cavities are not bread – they’re just air! :)

    This month’s varieties: Caraway, RyeBerry and Swedish Rye; Classic, Garlic and Tarragon Ciabatta. Some rye breads may be available frozen at discounted prices – $2 off a loaf, $1 off a half loaf.

    TRY THIS | My favorite way to have Ciabatta is toasted with cream cheese. This works equally well with both Garlic and Tarragon varieties.

  • Skinny Dip Farm

    We’ve finally got plants in the ground outside!

    Feels great to turn over ground and start the season beyond our jam packed high tunnel. Of course, what we’re planting now won’t be ready for a while. In the mean time we still have spring mix, kale, chard, stir fry greens and scallions out of the tunnel. We’ll also have some overwintered carrots, parsnips and sunchokes. Being exposed to all that cold makes them SWEET. We’ll also bring the remains of last year’s storage crops: potatoes, watermelon radishes, beets, turnips and garlic. Everything, as always, is certified organic. Hope to see you!

  • Allen Farms

    Fresh salad mix and everyone’s favorite pea greens

  • S & B Apothecary

    Try our new Lavender Fields cleanser and toner.

    The invigorating smell of lavender will make you feel like Spring while cleansing your skin! Lavender has many benefits for your skin including anti inflammatory properties which will help to lessen skin redness.

    TRY THIS | Its always a good idea to follow up cleansing with a toner. Using a toner helps to balance the ph of the skin, remove any residual cleanser or make up and even helps to reduce the size of pores.

  • Jenny’s Bread

    The Golden Cheese Bun pictured here is often overlooked for the flashier double chocolate bun.

    But I say it’s the savory equivalent. The cheese flavor that develops over a two day rise gets it’s punch from the Narragansett Creamery Atwell’s Gold cheese, augmented by the more subtle cheesy overtones lent by the Kate’s Real Buttermilk.

    And if one cheese bun is not enough, this week, I will whole LOAVES of cheese bread! Can you even imagine?! With Easter coming I will also have trays of frozen, ready to bake Hot Cross Buns. These are made with local milk and honey, local organic eggs, organic orange rind and hint of mace.

    And lastly, I’m picking up some spinach from Web of Life Farm tonight and hope to bring a few spinach and feta flatbreads as well. I better get busy!

    TRY THIS | With weeks and weeks between markets, don’t be afraid to stock up. All of my homemade breads freeze beautifully. You can freeze them whole or slice and freeze, peeling off a slice at a time to pop in the toaster for breakfast. And on the rare occasion that that the bread is lasting more than a few days and starting to dry out, try cubing it and tossing it in the cast iron fry pan with some olive oil and Web of Life garlic powder for the heartiest croutons you’ve ever had.

  • Flapdoodle Bags

    My wallets are very popular because they are perfect!

    They hold cash, change, 9 credit cards, and even have an extra pocket for your checkbook or receipts. I also make smaller wallets in a bill fold style. Stop by and see me!

  • Brown Boar Farm

    See our price list for April.

  • Sticky Paws

    Don’t miss our yummy sweet potato muffins.

  • Sirenetta Seaside Chocolatier

    Spring brings the new Fruits & Flowers collection. Lavender Silk, Rose Petal, Creamsicle and Strawberry Burst.

    Also many sweet treats for Easter! Sassy pink egg crates filled with painted solid chocolates. Butterflies, flowers, Chix, Sea turtles and more!

  • Web of Life Organic Farm

    Finally a few warm days…..and life here takes on a new twist.

    I become more tied up with the demands of the farm, and the familiar routines. Feed the chickens, put the little goat escape artists back in, fix the fence, water the green house, put the goats back in, weed the high tunnel, put the goats back in, throw the ball for maggie………….An old farmer friend of mine once told me when I was thinking of getting goats “job one…you must be smarter than the goats” hmmmm, I need to work on that. Looking forward to the market, lots of spinach!! freshly ground corn bread, garlic powder and my famous jarred heirloom tomatoes! And more! Meet me at the Market! and thanks for support.

    TRY THIS | My favorite thing for supper…….A thick slice of Jenny’s Bread, A slice of Atwells Gold cheese from Narragansett Creamery, Fresh spinach from Web of Life Farm and top it with an organic poached egg from Plato’s Harvest. Delish!

  • Dufort Farms

    Glad spring has arrived. We have a new bull to the herd. Nice gentle guy! We have purchased piglets that are doing quite nicely. Getting our equipment and fields ready to work, spreading manure. Peter’s been busy in the blueberry field-hoping for a great season. Bee’s are active, a little chilly-but finding early pollen to harvest. Of course our hens are a great addition to the farm, never failing. We had to fight off a few rats, not nice, and one very hungry coyote. Have seen very beautiful woodcock, and waiting for the spring peepers. I think we need to blog.
    But its 6:40 on a Friday night and we are just thinking of supper. Hey making a delicious lasagna with our bulk beef sausage, Yum!


    Meat Sauce
    1# Dufort Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage
    1/2 c chopped onions
    3 large garlic cloves-minced
    2/3 c red wine
    1 28 oz ground peeled tomatoes, (Pastene no salt)
    1 6 oz tomato paste
    1 1/2 tsp oregano
    1 1/2 tsp basil
    A blessing of salt.

    Ricotta Mixture
    15 oz ricotta cheese
    1 cup shredded mozzarella
    2 whole farm fresh eggs
    1 Tbs parsley
    Salt and pepper, to your liking.

    In a large skillet sauté onions and garlic about five minutes, add ground beef sausage and brown. Add wine, tomato sauce and paste. Stir constantly, until well blended. Add oregano, basil and blessing of salt. Set aside.

    Assemble lasagna: Lightly grease 9×13″” pan. Place a layer of lasagna on bottom. Follow by spreading 1/3 of the meat sauce evenly. Now spread 1/2 ricotta mixture , then layer of lasagna. Repeat 1/3 meat sauce and the other 1/2 of ricotta mixture.. Then the final layer of lasagna with the rest of meat sauce. Sprinkle with 1/2 c parmesan cheese. Bake 350 covered 45 minutes uncover and bake for 10 minutes more. Let rest a bit and cut, serve and enjoy.

    Remember we are just farmers. But we eat well. Thank you God!

  • Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

    Well it seems like winter might be finally letting go… and all of a sudden we are busy as bees on the farm. We just finished installing a new, in-ground irrigation supply line, and I’m busy spreading compost, prepping the field, and getting ready for the pigs to arrive. We just about have the greenhouse filled with trays of starts, and the vivid green view from inside is in stark contrast to the brown surroundings of my yard.
    I don’t have a whole lot to bring to the market this week, April finds me with a few greens in the greenhouse, and some eggs. The root cellar is in the same shape as my bank account, bare. I have fresh market money cards hot off the press, however, with discounts increasing the more you buy. Ask me at the market for details.
    Know your farmer – don’t take food from strangers!

    TRY THIS | Pasta Fazool

    This is a family favorite.

    I’m sure my mother has a recipe, but I never follow recipes. I see what I have and think about what might taste good. After a quick freezer rummage, I came up with a package of hocks, a couple of smoked pig heads, and the remnants of a shoulder. I simmered these for a couple days and took off the usable meat and strained the stock. I sauteed onions and garlic from the root cellar, added swiss chard and fresh rosemary from the greenhouse, and a couple jars of last year’s heirloom tomatoes, added some of the stock and the meat and let the whole mess simmer for a bit. I cooked the pasta separately and added it along with kidney, cannelini, and pinto beans. Salt liberally, et voila. My pasta and beans came from the store, but you could source all of these ingredients from this month’s farmers market, along with a crusty bread, some pungent cheese, a local wine and something sweet for dessert. Make it a game, like a treasure hunt. Meet me at the market!

See the complete list of 2013 Market Members

Friend of the Market Specials

By purchasing a $25 Friend of the Market card, you are strengthening the Plymouth Farmers’ Market’s ability to keep our local food economy vibrant. To recognize of your support, Market Friends get access to weekly market specials with each of the Market members and Friends are also automatically entered into drawings for special rewards through May 2014! Show your friend card to take advantage of the specials and THANK YOU to all of our Friends that have committed to sustaining the Market. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Market


  • Plymouth Farmers’ Market

    Hi EBT/SNAP customers, please stop by the market table for your Friend of The Market card! It’s our way of thanking you with weekly specials and discounts for spending some of your food dollars with our farmers. We appreciate you shopping here!

  • The Green Connection

    15% Discount at The Green Connection!

    The Plymouth Farmers’ Market would like to thank all the Friends who supported the market during the 2013 Season with a special promotion from The Green Connection.

    Now thru the end of April, Friends of the Market will receive a 15% discount on all mulch, compost, and soil amendments made by The Green Connection (including their garden-perfect Vege Blend) when you purchase four or more yards.

    See The Green Connection’s website for product lists and pricing, or call Paul at 781.545.6002 and let him know you are a Friend of the Market.

    The Green Connection offers free delivery to most communities on the South Shore so give Paul a call today!

  • Rein’s Real Rye

    As usual – “Make me an offer”! See something you want, offer the salesperson a reasonable monetary amount and we’ll most likely be happy to accommodate! Really! :)

  • Moonlight Rose

    Sox 2 dollars off

  • Skinny Dip Farm

    Sunchokes are half off! Give these native Sunflower tubers a try for $2/lb

  • Allen Farms

    herb plants $1.00 off

  • S & B Apothecary

    Buy a any cleanser get a toner 1/2 off!

  • Queen Bee Honey Products

    Start eating local RAW honey to help prevent allergies in the coming months.
    Buy 2-1 pound jars of RAW honey and get 1.00 OFF
    remember it takes about 4-6 weeks to build the immune system to local pollen allergies, our bees are bringing in pollen now, bee ready.

  • Jenny’s Bread

    3 for $6. Mix and match buns and pizza doughs.

  • Flapdoodle Bags

    10% off total purchase

  • Brown Boar Farm

    $1/LB off ribs.

  • Sticky Paws

    $1.00 off 7 oz bag of dog treats

  • Sirenetta Seaside Chocolatier

    12 piece seasonal assortment for $22.00 A $2.00 savings!

  • Web of Life Organic Farm

    1.00 off spinach

Got Mulch?

Friend of the Market April Special – 15% Discount at The Green Connection!

The Plymouth Farmers’ Market would like to thank all the Friends who supported the market during the 2013 Season with a special promotion from The Green Connection.

Now thru the end of April, Friends of the Market will receive a 15% discount on all mulch, compost, and soil amendments made by The Green Connection (including their garden-perfect Vege Blend) when you purchase four or more yards.

See The Green Connection’s website for product lists and pricing, or call Paul at 781.545.6002 and let him know you are a Friend of the Market.

The Green Connection offers free delivery to most communities on the South Shore so give Paul a call today!