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We are thankful for YOU.

Were you there? Wow. Last weekend was exceptional – exceptional weather, exceptional vendors and an extra exceptional turnout. Thousands of you turned out for the annual Harvest Market on the waterfront. We hope everyone left with goodies, ideas and ingredients for your Thanksgiving dinners.

Your dedication to shopping local, and your support of local farmers and artisans is what keeps this market moving forward. The staff, the volunteers and the Plymouth Farmers’ Market vendors would like to say THANK YOU. We are grateful for every single one of you.

Don’t forget about us this winter – our farmers and artisans are still hard at work – for you! Come see us INDOORS every 2nd Thursday of the month, through May.

NEXT MARKET: Holiday Market, Thursday, Dec 11, 2:30-6:30.
Stay tuned for details!

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November 13 Market News | 2014 Winter Indoor Season

Culinary Insights | Melissa Colangelo, All Things Cranberry| 4pm

Join Melissa Colangelo, from Fresh Meadows Farm, as she shows us how to use this vibrant, anti-oxident rich berry in savory and sweet ways. She’ll be making an easy Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry & Blue Cheese Bruschetta and a Cranberry Sauce, Goat Cheese and Candied Pecan spread for crackers or bread.

Community Partner |SEMAP| 2:30-6:30

Music | Dan Durkee| 2:30-6:30

New Vendor | Tasteful Adventures| 2:30-6:30

Welcome to Tasteful Adventures, a new prepared food vendor! Pastelillos, also known as empanadas in Mexico and other Latin countries, are turnovers filled with a variety of tasty savory or sweet fillings.


New Vendor | Honey I’m Home| 2:30-6:30

We are very excited to be returning to the Plymouth Farmers Market. We will have a bountiful selection of seasonal foods. Our presentation will include old favorites and new creations. Including Oatmeal Brown Sugar Bread, Galettes, and so much more. We look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new.

This week at the Market….

    What will you buy? Bring the BIG wagon – there is SO much coming to market!

    Farm Notes…

  • Fresh Meadows Farm

    Inside at last. It’s sure to be nice and cozy as the market moves on in to Plimoth Plantation. So, come get your berries! We have plenty of fresh, Certified Organic cranberries for your holiday needs. Not quite sure what to do with fresh cranberries? Join us for a Culinary Insights cooking demo to find out and sample some tasty, sweet and savory cranberry creations.

    TIP FROM FRESH MEADOWS: Let them breath! Store FRESH cranberries for up to 3 to 4 weeks in a zip-lock bag with holes. Discard any berries that cause moisture in the bag.
    FROZEN cranberries should be stored in a zip-lock bag WITHOUT holes for up to 6 months.
  • Skinny Dip Farm

    We’re still in serious harvest mode here at Skinny Dip Farm. Salad greens, kale, leeks, scallions, onions, garlic, shallots. Lots of roots, from super sweet carrots beets to turnips and celeriac. Lots of winter squash, potatoes and cabbage. Come load up on good organic veggies!

  • Web of Life Organic Farm

    After missing the last few markets of the summer season, Steph and I are looking forward to coming back. We’ll be bringing jams and jelly’s and other tasty items preserved from the harvest of the season. We’re nearly finished harvesting our potato field. the root cellar is full of beautiful potatoes of all colors. Next job, planting garlic! Meet me at the Market!

    Garlic Blue Cheese Fries
    For the garlic sauce
    ½ cup whole garlic cloves
    1 cup olive oil
    1Tbsp plus 1 tsp kosher salt
    2 oz. Blue Cheese CrumbledFor the garlic sauce, combine all ingredients in food processor and process thoroughly. Cook fries either in oven or in fryer. Microwave blue cheese for 15 seconds. To serve, toss 1-2oz garlic sauce with French fries and blue cheese.
  • Plato’s Harvest

    “What do you do in the winter?” I love this question. We have a ton of stuff to bring this week, lots of fresh stuff out of the field and your favorite root cellar items: beets, great looking broccoli and cabbage, escarole, beautiful sweet crunchy orange carrots, collard greens, fantastic fennel, gregarious garlic, huge pineapples from the greenhouse, kale, leeks, head lettuce and baby lettuce mix, onions, several varieties of potatoes, radish, turnips, spinach, many varieties of winter squash, and eggs. It will be one full table…

    Check out the pumpkin picture: this is what happens when you bring your pumpkins to the brewery! Ask me about this, and about the fine local establishments that are using our produce to create wonderful, innovative menus, and ask for details on our annual Thanksgiving / Root Cellar CSA share.

    Thanks for your support, and don’t take vegetables from strangers! And don’t drive like my brother!


Baker & Cook Notes…

  • Donde Thiago

    We will likely come with: Chicken Cran, Carne, Fall, Plantain and Queso.
    Please check our facebook for the final menu! :)

  • Plymouth Gluten-Free Baked Goods

    Stop by for a Slice of Our Signature Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting $2.50 each.
    We will also have our Gluten Free English Muffins, Breads, Cookies and More!!

  • Jenny’s Bread

    Cranberry season is in full swing so look for aromatic loaves of my cranberry orange bread scented with mace. The cranberries are organic and local from Fresh Meadow Farms. I hope to have more country wheat on the table this week as well as all your favorites for opening day of the winter market. Boy, I’ll be glad to dry and warm this week!

    HINT FROM JENNY: A Twist on Pizza Dough!
    1/2 cup grated sharp cheese
    olive oil
    2-3 cloves PFM garlic, minced
    salt and pepper to tastePreheat oven to 400. Saute garlic briefly in olive oil. Dump the pizza dough onto and oiled cookie sheet or piece of parchment, rolling or stretching to thickness of a 1/2 inch, aiming for a rectangle rather than a circle. Spread garlic and oil over entire surface of rolled dough. Sprinkle with cheese and salt and pepper (feel free to add on any of your other favorite herbs here-rosemary, oregano, thyme). Using a pizza cutter, cut the dough in one inch strips. Pick up each strip, and holding each end, gently twist the pieces of dough, then lay them back down on the cookie sheet, leaving a little space between them. Allow to rest 15 to 30 minutes then bake 10-15 minutes until golden. You can also do this melted butter and cinnamon sugar. Enjoy!
  • Lara’s Cuisine

    Wondering what to bring on Thanksgiving? How ’bout a Lara’s Cuisine Gift Basket!

  • Vendor List for Nov 13…

    Wondering who will be there on Thursday? Check out the complete list of 2014 Outdoor Season Vendors

    Friend of the Market Specials

    By purchasing a $30 Friend of the Market card, you are strengthening the Plymouth Farmers’ Market’s ability to keep our local food economy vibrant. To recognize of your support, Market Friends get access to weekly market specials with each of the Market Vendors and Friends are also automatically entered into drawings for special rewards through May 2015! Show your friend card to take advantage of the specials and THANK YOU to all of our Friends that have committed to sustaining the Market. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Market


    • Plymouth Farmers` Market

      Hi EBT/SNAP customers, please stop by the market table for your Friend of The Market card! It’s our way of thanking you with weekly specials and discounts for spending some of your food dollars with our farmers. We appreciate you shopping here!

    • Copicut Farm

      .50 off one dozen eggs

    • Jenny’s Bread

      $1 off 2 loaves of bread

    • Skinny Dip Farm

      Organic carrots, 3lbs $6

    • Fresh Meadows Farm

      2 pounds of certified organic cranberries for $10

    • Web of Life

      $1 off any purchase

    • Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

      First market of the indoor season! Let’s make it a busy one – bring a friend and receive 50% off your entire produce order! Here’s the fine print where the radio announcer speaks really fast: it has to be someone that’s never been to the market before, and one that’s likely to return (not your visiting cousin from Indiana). You know there’s a friend or someone in the office that you mention that you got some great carrots, and they ask where, and you tell them and they say that they keep meaning to go but they never quite make it. Drag them along with you this week and introduce them to your favorite vendors, listen to the music, get something tasty to eat; you can even purchase a beverage and take in a film! They’ll be begging to come back next month!

    • Donde Thiago

      $1 off any arepa

    • Honey I’m Home

      10% off a $10 purchase

    • Lara’s Cuisine

      $1 off each spread, $2 off each Pesto

    • Allen’s Farm

      Pea greens, $3 / bag

    • Plymouth Gluten-Free Baked Goods

      Buy one Gluten Free Scone get .50 cents off the second while they last

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