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August 22nd Market News | 2013 Outdoor Season

Program Details

Culinary Insights | Dave Purpura of Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm | 4:30

Farmer Dave Purpura of  Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm will take us on a tomato journey. His preparations will include cold plates and methods for peeling, cleaning and storing tomatoes for your enjoyment  throughout the year.

Get to know your farmer and learn some of the uses for the extensive variety of tomatoes available here in the peak of their season.

Community Hosts | Black Feather Horse Rescue | 2:30-6:30

Since opening our doors in 2004 the Black Feather Horse Rescue in Plymouth, Massachusetts has rescued dozens of horses from abuse, neglect, starvation, and abandonment. It’s been an amazing journey filled with hard work, love, learning, and gratitude not only for these amazing animals but for the people that have fundraised, volunteered, and helped save many of the horses. Learn more and get to know the horses.

Music | Ray Papile | 2:30-6:30

Easy Listening sounds with a deep, soothing, melodic voice to match.

Special Guest Member | Plymouth 400 | 2:30-6:30

Join the drive to get a commemorative license plate that celebrates Plymouth 400. Once they have 1,500 applications with payment, production begins. It’s only $40.00 and it’s a great way to show your local pride.

Sign up at the Market Tent on August 22nd or 29th or online at the 400 Committee website. Watch Plymouth 400 Committee President Kevin O’Reilly and PACTV talk about the Plymouth 400 license plates.

Harvest and Cooks Notes

  • Crow Farm

    Peaches, apples, pears, swiss chard, kale, corn, peppers, cut herbs and flowers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, green beans

    This weeks’s photos were done by, Michael Elliot Photography.

    TRY THIS | Kale Chips


    ~  Bunch of Kale
    ~  EVOO
    ~  Seasoning of your choice: seasoning salt, garlic, onion, etc.


    Preheat oven to 350. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or oil. Remove leaves of kale from stems and break into smaller bite size pieces. Wash and dry leaves. Place on sheet, sprinkle kale with oil and seasoning. Bake for ten minutes or until edges are brown, keep a careful watch to make sure they do not burn.

  • Red Devil Baking Co.

    Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, and my older son’s favorite, Coconut Macaroons will be available for $2.25 ea. The Chocolate Chip are sprinkled with Cape Cod Saltworks Sea Salt!

    In additon, we’ll have our famous S’mores Whoopie Pies for $2.50 each.

    We are also excited to have two gluten free options for this week’s market and something (yet to be determined) that will include beets from Plato’s Harvest.

  • Omega Olive Oil

    Cake never lasts for very long in my house. Especially this snacking cake I made with local peaches from Crow Farm. Enjoy!



    ~  3 ripe peaches, thinly sliced
    ~  1 1/2 cups OOO Frantoio extra-virgin olive oil
    ~  1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
    ~  1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
    ~  3 large eggs
    ~  2 cups all-purpose flour
    ~  1 teaspoon ground ginger
    ~  1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    ~  1/2 teaspoon baking soda

    Preheat the oven to 350°. Line a 12″” spring form pan with parchment paper and coat with melted butter. In a bowl, toss the peaches with 1/4 cup of the olive oil, 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of the sugar, ginger, and the salt. Let stand until juicy, about 15 minutes.
    In another bowl, whisk the eggs, the remaining 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 1/4 cups of olive oil. In a separate bowl, whisk the flour, baking powder and baking soda. Whisk the dry ingredients into the egg mixture. Fold in the peaches and juices. Scrape the batter into the pan; bake for 50 minutes to an hour until golden and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let cool slightly, then dust with powdered sugar. Eat!

  • Allen Farms

    This week we will be bringing:
    sunflowers and zinnias
    pea greens, lettuce
    beets, cucumbers, garlic, eggplant, onions, peppers (jalapeno, portuguese mild spice, green bell) radishes, tomatoes: husk cherry, sun gold, brown berry, red cherry and more.
    fresh cut basil and dill
    potted herbs

    TRY THIS | Braised Sunflower Hearts Stuffed with Ricotta

    The whole part of the sunflower is edible, but you will get the best flavor from the artichoke. The petals make a nice garnish to a salad and other dishes. You can use the whole head to make a pesto, or you can braise the artichoke also.
    When you braise the sunflowers, you want to start by removing the petals, remember to save them for another dish!
    Trim green leaves off the head and discard.
    Next, cut off the yellow part on the face but cutting down until you reach the whiter/light green part.
    Trim off the dark green leaves from the back until you reach the white/light green ( the green leaves are bitter, so if you want a little more bitterness then you can leave some of the darker green leaves on the back.)
    Then once you have your trimmed flower head, put them face down in a sauce pan
    Next add:


    ~  1/2 cup EVOO
    ~  2 fresh bay leaves
    ~  1 cup of dry white win
    ~  1/2 cup lemon juice
    ~  1 garlic clove
    ~  fresh herbs: thyme, mint, parsley, basil
    ~  salt and pepper to taste

    Simmer at a low to medium heat for 40-45 min, season with salt and pepper after 15-20 min
    Mix a ricotta filling to top the sunflowers.
    Put the sunflowers in a frying pan and top with the a scoop of the filling. Then bake at 450 for 7-10 min to warm the ricotta through. You are not cooking the sunflowers, just warming them
    Splash with a light vinaigrette to finish.

  • Blue Heron Arts

    Finally got a new kiln, new pottery should start rolling in about 2 weeks!

  • Web of Life Organic Farm

    I’d like to take this space to thank the folks that make the time every week to attend and support our farmers market. It is uplifting to see the growing number of people that are interested in local food, and inspiring to connect with our patrons each week,. Its wonderful to see people turn from factory farmed over processed food, to hunt out and support their local farmers, bakers and chefs. In this age where we are bombarded , with adds for over- processed and factory farmed foods, its easy to loose sight of the basics of a healthy diet. …..It starts with a seed, or a chick, …… held in the hands of someone who is humane and cares about the environment, raised with respect, harvested and brought to you in its freshest simplest form.
    Thank you to all who keep us going here on the Web of Life.

  • Bay End Farm

    We had the pleasure of welcoming 80 guests to our farm for a dinner in the field. Four courses of fresh vegetables, seafood and roasted pork shoulder prepared by the chefs at the Blue Room, paired with biodynamic wines from Central Bottle. What a treat! See a video of past events.

    JOIN US | Join us in September for our last dinner on Sunday, September 1 at 2pm.

  • Martha’s Local Food

    I will be preparing veggie slaw with beets from Plato’s Harvest Farm.
    Pate with chicken livers from Copicut Farm.
    Pesto made with basil from Plato’s Harvest Farm.
    Something wonderful made with heirloom corn from Web of Life Farm.
    Peach punch with peaches from Soule Homestead.

    TRY THIS | Pulled Pork for Baby Izaiah’s Spiritual Dedication to Life

    Baby Izaiah and his Mom, Jen, alias “Spicy” are part of our family household. They can also be found at Martha’s Local Food tent every Thursday. This Sunday we had the occasion to celebrate his dedication at his Mom’s local church. It was a beautifully touching service involving family and friends both new and old. We had a reception at home following to share our joy for this gift that has come into our lives. When I to prepare something to honor our family, I begin by looking over the bounty of our local farms.

    ~  3.68# Brown Boar farm Pork Boston Butt, bone in
    ~  1 medium local organic Walla Walla onion, from the Marshfield Farmer’s Market, peeled and sliced about 1 cup
    ~  5 organic paste tomatoes, Plato’s Harvest Farm, cut in lengthwise spears
    ~  2 White Birch soda and 1 Coffee soda, Simpson Springs Soda
    ~  1 pint frozen organic homemade chicken broth, I always try to have a frozen supply
    ~  3 cloves of garlic from a neighbor’s garden
    ~  1 large organic sweet potato, large rough cube cut, this will act as a thickener for the sauce
    ~  4 cobs of organic corn, Web of Life Farm, scrape the corn, reserve the kernels for another use, this recipe uses just the raw cobs as a sweetener for the sauce
    ~  salt and Pepper to taste
    ~  A splash, about 1 Tablespoon strong vinegar, I use “Surig” it is German and a favorite of the Korean community. You may find it in Asian markets.

    Brown pork on all sides in a heavy cast iron skillet, medium heat, as the meat browns it will release a beautiful clear fat. Once some fat has accumulated in the pan add the onion and allow to brown.
    Move the meat to a crockpot set on high. Add the Simpson Springs soda to the crockpot and cover while finishing the braising liquid preparation in the cast iron skillet.
    Add tomatoes to the skillet with onions, allow to warm in the rendered fat for a few minutes.
    Add frozen chicken broth, turn heat to high and bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer and continue to cook until the broth is completely melted.
    Add the broth to the crockpot.
    Add sweet potato, garlic cloves unpeeled, finally top with the 4 scraped corn cobs.

    Cover the crock pot, reduce heat to low, allow to cook for 12 hours. I did this overnight.
    Remove the meat from the pot, allow to cool to room temperature.
    Transfer the cooking liquid with all the vegetables to a sauce pan. Place over medium high heat and allow to reduce by ½.

    Taste the sauce, adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.
    Strain the sauce through a sieve back into the crock pot, press the vegetables to squeeze all the juices into the sauce.
    Remove the pork from the bone, shred back into the crock pot with the sauce.
    Set temperature to keep warm. May be held to this temp for up to 2 hours.
    Just before serving, add the splash of vinegar, stir to incorporate.

    Serve on small Hawaiian or Portuguese rolls.

  • Flapdoodlebags

    New Journals this week–just in time for school.

    TRY THIS | Journals can be re used. Once the notebook gets filled up, just take it out and slip a new one in.

  • Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

    We’ve been busy planting for fall – lettuce, arugula, mustards, turnips, radishes, carrots, beets, kale… I’ll be bringing lots of field ripened heirloom tomatoes this week, and big red, juicy, full-of-seeds watermelon, beets, carrots, arugula, fennel, kale, chard, cucumbers, onions, garlic, and potatoes. Know your farmer, don’t take food from strangers!

  • Simpson Spring

    TRY THIS | Tasty Cool Treat – Cream Soda Float from Chris, a fan of the Simpson Spring Facebook Page


    ~  1 Simpson Spring Cream Soda
    ~  1 Tall Glass
    ~  I Scoop of your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream

    For each person that you want to serve, place one scoop of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass. Pour in enough Simpson Spring Cream Soda to fill the glass. Stir until the ice cream is half malted.

See the complete list of 2013 Market Members

Friend of the Market Specials

By purchasing a $25 Friend of the Market card, you are strengthening the Plymouth Farmers’ Market’s ability to deliver on our mission and to keep our local food economy vibrant. In recognition of your support, Market Friends get access to weekly market specials with each of the Market members and Friends are also automatically entered into drawings for special rewards through May 2014! Show your friend card to take advantage of the specials and THANK YOU to all of our Friends that have committed to sustaining the Market. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Market


  • Plymouth Farmers’ Market

    Hi EBT/SNAP customers, please stop by the market tent for your Friend of The Market card! It’s our way of thanking you with weekly specials and discounts for spending some of your food dollars with our farmers. We appreciate you shopping here!

  • Better Living Through Food

    Katherine Rossmoore will offer 20% off her coaching services at Better Living Through Foods and 10% off any courses in her cooking series Cooking With Katherine: Healthy Whole Foods Made Easy!(Six week series starting September 17th)

  • Martha’s Local Food

    Friends of the Market Special.
    For a few weeks now I have feature $1 off any preparation with beets, however I have not been able to get the beets prepared. A marvelous feature of beets is that they store so well in the refrigerator. This week my brother is back from vacation and will be helping with the market set up. I will be getting to some of those beautiful beets, Plato’s Harvest Farm. Save $1 on any beet preparation. Be sure and taste the raw slaw. If you have not tried raw beets you are in for a real treat.

  • Flapdoodlebags

    10% off total purchase

  • plato’s harvest organic farm

    Beets – 5 lbs for $10, save $1 / lb.
    Watermelon – $.50 / lb over 15 lbs.

  • Queen Bee Honey Products

    FREE 100% pure beeswax lip balm with the purchase of any 12 oz. organic
    infused honey. Lavender Honey, Chamomile Honey and Cardamom and Cinnamon Honey….A 3.50 value!!! SAVE!!!

  • Simpson Spring

    mix and match 6 pack of seltzer flavors for $6.00/ try them all!

  • Omega Olive Oil

    2 for $22 (Cask 8 and Cask 10 not included)

  • Allen Farms

    3 sunflowers for $5

  • Blue Heron Arts

    Special sale on summer earrings this week, friendship special still 10% off anything and everything.

  • Web of Life Organic Farm

    sun flowers .50 cents each.

  • Bay End Farm

    10% off entire purchase

  • Red Devil Baking Co.

    $1.00 off any one item

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