July 18th Market News | 2013 Outdoor Season

Program Overview

Culinary Insights | Katherine Rossmore of Better Living Through Foods prepares a Quinoa and Green Bean Salad with Fresh Herbs.

4:00 – Katherine Rossmoore is a food-obsessed yogi and writer, a former lawyer who punted the profession to become an Integrative Health Coach, helping people live healthier lives through balanced and complete nutrition.
She encourages her clients to fully nourish themselves, both physically and spiritually. Although people lose weight with her health coaching, her focus is on maximizing the nutrients in what we’re eating, providing good energy and nurturing the self, rather than deprivation. She encourages her clients to add more “good stuff” into their lives instead of focusing on giving things up. Her specialty is demystifying the whole foods kitchen.
She is the mother of three beautiful boys, a yoga teacher and an AADP-certified health coach. Katherine provides one-on-one guidance, group programs, cooking demonstrations, shopping and pantry makeovers, along with teaching yoga and breathwork.

Katherine Rossmore

Most people know what they should be eating for optimal health but don’t know how to prepare greens, beans, grains, seafood, nuts and seeds, vegetables and other superior foods in a way that’s simple and delicious. I believe that people should LOVE what they’re eating, and not feel deprived by choosing healthy foods.

Katherine RossmoreIntegrative Health CoachBetter Living Through Foods

See Katherine’s recipe for Quinoa and Green Bean Salad with Fresh Herbs

Community Host | Woodside School and Community Resource Center

Woodside School and Community Resource Center has been created as an interactive learning environment for young children to develop an understanding of the larger meanings of life and the importance of stewardship. Goals emphasize respecting children’s learning through interaction with other children, adults, and the environment; empowering families to meet the needs of their children; creating ongoing support systems within the community, and strengthening the community’s ability to best serve families.The Woodside School will be hosting kids activities throughout the market day.

Music | Sherry Malone

Singer songwriter with silky, velvet vocals. Sherry plays folk, contemporary and rock.

Friend of the Market Specials

By purchasing a $25 Friend of the Market card, you are strengthening the Plymouth Farmers’ Market’s ability to deliver on our mission and to keep our local food economy vibrant. In recognition of your support, Market Friends get access to weekly market specials with each of the Market members and Friends are also automatically entered into drawings for special rewards through May 2014! Show your friend card to take advantage of the specials and THANK YOU to all of our Friends that have committed to sustaining the Market. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Market


  • Plymouth Farmers’ Market

    Hi EBT/SNAP customers, please stop by the market tent for your Friend of The Market card! It’s our way of thanking you with weekly specials and discounts for spending some of your food dollars with our farmers. We appreciate you shopping here!

  • Better Living Through Food

    Katherine Rossmoore will offer 20% off her coaching services at Better Living Through Foods and 10% off any courses in her cooking series Cooking With Katherine: Healthy Whole Foods Made Easy!(Six week series starting September 17th)

  • Nix’s is offering all Friends of the Market 15% off when dining there weekdays throughout July.

    Check out Nix’s live weekly entertainment and new front and rear patio for a great outdoor venue with views of Plymouth harbor. – Flash your Friend of the Market card to receive your discount.

  • 42º North

    42º North, is offering all Friends of the Market 15% off when dining there through July.

    Check out 42º North’s “Fish Market Menu” where they offer 2-3 different seasonal day boat fish options prepared Chef’s Way or to your own liking. Their new outside deck and bar have just opened adding 75 seats to the dining area for a great outdoor dining option in Manomet! – Flash your Friend of the Market card to receive your discount. (M-F, holidays excluded, valid for parties less than 10)

  • Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

    Beets – 2 lbs loose beets $5 (save $1)
    Chard – 3 bunches $10 (save $2)
    Cukes – buy 5 get 1 free!

  • Jenny’s Bread

    Mix and match 3 for $6. Choose any combination of chocolate buns, cheese buns or either kind of pizza dough for $6

  • Martha’s Local Food

    Chilled blueberry soup, priced at $6 per piny for friends

  • Flapdoodlebags

    10% off total purchase

  • Queen Bee Honey Products

    Get real healthy protection that works. Made with local beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, zinc oxide, vitamin E and essential oil.
    When you buy ONE…. SAVE $1.00 on Cirtus basil after suncare lotion

  • Web of Life Farm

    $1.00 off fennel

  • Brown Boar Farm

    $1.00 off ribs for Friend’s of the Market – regularly $6.50/LB ($5.50 for Friend’s). Our chops are on sale for everyone – If you buy two packages the price is $6.50/LB (rather than $8).

Harvest and Cooks Notes

  • Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

    Certified Organic Sweet Corn! That will be this weeks’ cry! I should have a good amount, and if I planned right, should be having it for several weeks.

    Farming gets interesting this time of year, tomatoes are begging to be tied, garlic screaming to be harvested, bugs needing to be killed, and the weeds… ugh. And the rain… ugh. And then I blow a brake line in the truck, on the way to market with a trailer behind me, heavy with produce, and the priority list gets shuffled. It’s only the excitement of possibilities that keeps me going – I have a massive patch of watermelons, weed free and sizing up, promising sweet reward in another couple of weeks.

    I’ll be bringing certified organic sweet corn!, kale, chard, beets, carrots, cabbage, eggs, new potatoes, green garlic, huge, green sweet onions, cucumbers, and summer squash. I also have a fresh batch of whole chickens, averaging four pounds. And, after six years, I’ve raised the price on eggs. My meat chickens and layers are raised on pasture and certified organic grain, which costs twice as much as conventional grain. It’s the way that I want to raise and eat chicken and eggs, but it is very expensive. Know your farmer, don’t take food from strangers!

    Thanks for your support. Meet me at the market!


    TRY THIS | Here’s my wicked easy recipe for beet salad (which got devoured on the fourth of July by children and adults all claiming that they don’t like beets!): Throw whole beets into a steamer basket and steam about twenty minutes, until fork tender. Remove and run under cold water while peeling with your fingers. Slice and chill. Steam greens (and/or swiss chard) about five minutes, then chill. Arrange greens on a platter, mound the sliced beets over the greens. Slice a sweet onion and arrange on top. Drizzle with red wine vinegar, and salt liberally.

  • Jenny’s Bread

    Back by popular demand: CHEESEBURGER POCKETS! Nuggets of pizza dough filled with a mixture of Dufort Farm grass-fed ground beef, Plato’s Harvest and Web of Life garlic and Narragansett Creamery’s Atwell’s Gold cheese. Better get in line early for those-they’ll go quicker than the chocolate buns!

    TRY THIS | What to do with peasant bread (other than rip it apart and eat it on the car ride home from the market): slice it the long way, brush with Omega Olive Oil (your choice of flavor) and briefly grill, cut side down, just until it starts to get some color. Remove from grill and rub grilled side with the cut side of a piece of fresh garlic clove from Plato’s Harvest. Slice and serve.
    If you want to get fancy or more energetic, top grilled bread with a mixture of fresh chopped tomatoes from Crow Farm, shredded basil leaves, minced garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Some grated Asiago from Foxborough Cheese Company would finish the job nicely.

  • Martha’s Local Food

    I am preparing Pesto with organic basil from Web of Life and Plato’s Harvest Farms, organic pine nuts and organic extra virgin olive oil.
    Introducing Mediterranean salad, thinly sliced local zucchini and yellow squash seasoned with dry roasted cumin seed, fresh basil, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil
    Potato arugula soup, vegan and gluten free
    More to come as the farmers produce their bounty.
    See you at the Market

    TRY THIS | Blueberries are bountiful.Try a few of my proven favorites; Pan seared salmon deglazed with water or broth and finished with fresh blueberries and a touch of maple syrup, a tablespoon of butter will add a silky smoothness. Blueberries are great with beef also, add to gravy or sauce or mix into meatloaf.

  • Flapdoodlebags

    I’m working on market bags this week.

    TRY THIS | All of my bags are washable, so don’t be afraid to use them on market day for your vegies!

  • Queen Bee Honey Products

    TRY THIS | Homemade Honey Lemonade
    10 organic lemons
    1 cup RAW Queen Bee Honey
    4 cups of water
    Dissolve raw honey in 2 cups of hot water, add the lemon juice of 10 organic lemons, add the remaining 2 cups of cold water….delicious!!
    You can add lavender flowers for a lavender taste if desired

  • Web of Life Farm

    There are so many benefits to being a farmer. But I think there are two things that will always stand out in my mind. First the ability to work so close to the natural world….weeding in the fields with my children…..finding a turtle, and dropping everything to find out what kind it is, and a little about its life cycle…then carefully releasing it in a safe place.. This potentially could be one of the reasons I don’t get enough done around here.
    The other joy I have is for the last 20 years I’ve been able to put meals on the table grown entirely on the farm, Just last weekend I was delighted to serve duck, roasted beets and carrots, kale, and fennel with fresh raspberries for dessert all grown and raised on our little farm……..Its the simple things that make it all worthwhile…….

    TRY THIS | Ingredients
    4 fennel bulbs, cut stalks off
    1 teaspoon fresh lemon
    2 tablespoons oil olive
    2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese; shredded
    1 tablespoon mozzarella cheese; shredded
    1/4 tea spoon black pepper
    2 tablespoon bread crumbs
    Wash the fennel bulbs and cut in half lengthwise. Then cut to in 1- inch thick pieces.
    Transfer the sliced fennel to a large bowl; add the lemon and rub the olive oil over the fennel to coat it.
    In a small bowl mix the 2 cheeses and the black pepper and blend gently into the fennel. Transfer to a baking pan and cover with aluminum foil.
    Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400◦ F. Remove the aluminum foil and sprinkle the bread crumbs on top. Continue to bake for 5 minutes more till golden brown.

  • Brown Boar Farm

    See our updated July pricelist. If you’d like to place a pre-order please let me know by Thursday morning. – PRE-ORDER your “Brown Boar Box” by Wednesday evening. – Details in the flier.

See the complete list of 2013 Market Members

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