June 13 2013 | Welcome Message – Barbara Anglin


THANK YOU, thank you for joining us on opening day! It was a joyful afternoon seeing lots of friendly faces including frontrunners from our local food and farm community like Heidi Cooley, Chairperson of the Plymouth Agriculture Committee; Frank Albani, director of Soule Homestead Farm Education Center in Middleboro; Sarah Cogswell, former program director at SEMAP; Walter Morrisson, of Morrisson’s Home and Garden Center; Ellie Donovan, Executive Director of Plimoth Plantation; Laurie and Michael Hart, editors of edibleSOUTHSHORE Magazine; Lorrie Gamp Dahlen farmer and manager of the Friday afternoon Marshfield Farmers’ Market; Bridget Alexander, Executive Director of Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership, SEMAP;  and Kofi Ingersoll of Bay End Farm, Bourne, a founding farm member of the market back in 2004 and current farm member.  Each of these familiar faces has been actively supportive of and inspiring to the Plymouth Farmers’ Market over many years, it was great to have them on the field to celebrate 10 years.

Far more plentiful than the cheerful, familiar faces were the many, many new faces among the crowds of shoppers. And that’s the point: I personally do not know most of you and most of you have no idea about who is coordinating the market behind the scenes, and that is as it should be. You come to market each week to shop from your favorite farmers and cooks; to see your friends and neighbors; and to see what’s fresh and appetizing. Maybe you come for the music, the chocolate buns, or the organically grown herbs? Perhaps you come for the warm donut holes, the local honey or the fresh caught lobsters? We think you may be coming to see your favorite farmer or two, a sought after baker, a cook who embodies seasonal and a greeter who knows how to steer you in the right direction. Faces familiar and the new.

Why do you come to the Plymouth Farmers’ Market? Tell us, please (Or leave a comment below to get the discussion going). We want to know what you are looking for, what keeps you coming back and especially if there is something you’d like to see at the market. Do you want to experience more cooking demonstrations? Do you enjoy meeting the community groups who cheerfully outreach under the market tent each week? Does the local musician help create a more enjoyable shopping trip than the musak at the grocery store? For you, what makes a farmers’ market worth visiting?

We want to know what you are looking for, what keeps you coming back and especially if there is something you’d like to see at the market.

For me, it’s the farmers. And in 2013, the eight vegetable and fruit farmers and eleven other farmers and harvesters attending this market are a “who’s who” of talented, respected growers from the region. Did you know that each farmer brings his or her own farm grown veggies, fruit, herbs and meat of animals raised from weaning on their farm? You expect that, right? At the Plymouth Farmers’ Market summer series, we only invite farmers who grow what they sell, who contribute to the harvesting of what is being sold or who make their own value added goods from their own farm resources. This is a producer only market, meaning if a farmer is selling you something, it comes from that farmer’s own hand. Note, this is not the case at every farmers’ market and you should be sure to ask if that’s important to you.

This is a producer only market, meaning; if a farmer is selling you something, it comes from that farmer’s own hand.

In fact, we encourage you to ask a lot of questions when you visit each Thursday, the farmers like that. They are proud to talk to you about what they do and why. But, you don’t have to talk, it’s not required. Really. You simply can bag up your spinach and move on to the baker of your choice, if you like. On days when you are in a hurry you can slip in with empty bags to fill, and on days when you have a bit more time to chat, your questions are welcome. Whether you are a familiar or fresh face in the crowd, your presence is the reason we organize a festive market day and why the farmers grow for the seasons.

It’s all for you, and we thank you for coming!

-Barbara Anglin, Market Founder

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  1. Judy Jones
    Judy Jones says:

    I come because I love the freshness of the produce, the friendly conversation with the farmers, the cooking tips I get, the adventure of trying a new vegetable, the wonderful bakery goodies, the opportunity to purchase environmentally safe products, and of course socializing with people I know. Atmosphere is always fun and festive! Kudos to you, Barbara, for your insight and hard work to bring the farmers to market!


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