Signs of Spring – Pea Shoots and Pease Pottage | A Taste of Plimoth with Kathleen Wall

A Sallet of Green Pease

When your green Pease appear, about a handful and half from the ground, cut off enough to boyl for your Sallet, let your liquor boyl before you put it in; when it is tender, pour it forth in you Cullender & let all the water be drained clean out of it into a dish, with some drawn Butter; season it with Salt, and hack it with your knife, and toss it together in the Butter, so dish it up. Thus may you do with Turnip or Raddish-tops, that are young.

– 1661. Rabisha, William. The whole body of Cookery Dissected,.pp. 97-8.

Pottage in the English Fashion.

Take the best old pease you can get, wash and boil them in fair water, when they boil, scum them, and put in a piece of interlarded bacon about tow pound, put in a bundle of mint, or other sweet herbs; boil them not too thick, serve the bacon on sippets in thin slices, and pour on the broth.

 – May, Robert. The Accomplist Cook. 1685 (1994 Prespoect ed., p. 94.)

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