Welcome to a Special Thanksgiving Market Thursday November 21st

Nothing beats the satisfaction of a delicious meal cooked from scratch made with local farm fresh ingredients. Shared with your loved ones, these delicious moments, connecting good food and good people, are a recipe for joy in life.

We here at the PFM share that joy and love to celebrate it and that’s one of the reasons we bring this farmers market to the community all year!

We know you come out to the Market to enjoy the incredible benefits of local food; those incredible flavors, higher nutrition, better health. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that? But the benefits don’t stop there… The local food economy enhances regional economic resilience, food safety, food access, community creation, open space preservation, wildlife benefits, genetic diversity and long term sustainability.. Oh AND, the farmers market is fun and festive and there is music!

Gosh, it just seems so obvious that  local food is the way to go! And all you have to enjoy all of these benefits, is shop at your local farmers market! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

We are always thankful for that, and we at the PFM show our gratitude by bringing our farmers and community of local food shoppers together as often as we can.

The people who make up the PFM, who volunteer their highly valued skills and sustain a level of community service through the ups and downs, those people who work out all of the little details and make sure the farmers market is one that they themselves would want to enjoy, those people are pretty amazing.  Those volunteers working in the background, finding little ways to innovate and better serve, here and at other community oriented organizations, they are engines of positive change and are the foundation of this community asset. Our gratitude for their incredible work cannot be overstated.

All of this work culminates on the field or in the Visitors Center at Plimoth Plantation. We are humbled by the generosity of Plimoth Plantation, our host for this important community asset. Plimoth Plantation uniquely represents the American food heritage and brings to life the founding experiences with local food. Plimoth Plantation’s connection with local food is most poignant around the Thanksgiving holiday, where we celebrate that food heritage  across our town, our region, our nation. Because of that connection with local food, the Plymouth Farmers Market could not have a more complimentary host than that of the Plimoth Plantation. It is through their leadership vision, the shared spirit of community service and commitment to a sustainable local food system that we can partner to bring this farmers market to the community. We hope you will join is thanking them for setting the stage for this market.

Join us for the Thanksgiving Holiday Market on the 21st and source your authentic Thanksgiving ingredients from your local growers and truly celebrate  the bounty of local food.

-The PFM

See all of the details of Thursday’s Special Market!

Image courtesy Jack Costello

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